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Dr. Alex McMinn

I've been playing football for 12 years and I'm always looking for a way to prolong my career. I have been working with Dr. McMinn for one year now and it's been the best year of my life when it comes to feeling my best. Dr.McMinn's knowledge and expertise has allowed me to perform at the highest level possible.

-Vernon Davis-Washington Redskins-NFL Tight End

My profession was about defying the odds... as a 14 yr pro it's absolutely my responsibility to maintain my body to be the ultimate player I was. Dr. Alex was instrumental in my success throughout those years... I found that his help keeping my body in alignment allowed me to perform each and every Sunday!

-Santana Moss-Washington Redskins-NFL-Receiver

I started going to Dr. Alex about 2 years ago. I hurt my back shoveling snow and needed a chiropractor. I told Dr. Alex what was wrong, and he knew exactly how to fix it. He helped my back so much, I continued to go to him throughout my junior and senior baseball season. I plan on seeing him every time I come home from school.

-ML-Wake Forest University-Baseball

Springfit performance: as a strength coach, we’re always seeking those who can support our athletes and clients. Dr. Alex, is not only a great person, but has an amazing wealth of knowledge in the chiropractic field. Springfit has been around for 25 years in the strength & conditioning world. Finding this “hidden gem”, Dr. Alex McMinn of Potomac Family and Sports Chiropractic Center, has given our clients opportunities to create an edge in competition whether on the field or in the water by ensuring the spine (the core of our bodies) is in perfect working order for the body to be at its optimal functioning capacity. Look no further, seek out Dr. Alex.

-Dave Springer- Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Matt is THE BEST!!! I could not more highly recommend a doctor in the Northern Virginia community. Over the past few years he has helped me recover from many sports injuries — whether it be from CrossFit, Spartan races, or competitive soccer. Beyond just helping me recover from my own injuries, Dr. Matt is my go-to recommendation for all the athletes that I coach. He has helped countless individuals from the CrossFit community not only recover from injury, but go back to their gyms more knowledgeable than ever about why they may have acquired their injury, and how to prevent it from happening again. Thanks to Dr. Matt I have been able to offer my Varsity high school soccer players key pre-hab exercises to help keep them healthy throughout their season, all based on commonalities he found after providing Functional Movement Screens for them. He also helped my dad recover after straining his back in the snow this past winter! I cannot even begin to describe what a peace of mind it is to know that there is such a knowledgeable, kind, and helpful doctor to go see for whatever injury life throws at you.


Dr. Matt is a fantastic chiropractor and sports injury therapist. I came in with a several issues related to my left shoulder and right hip, and he guided me through a series of treatments and exercises that lessened my symptoms immediately while providing a path to improving my overall mobility long-term. I've been to several rehab specialists, and the difference with Dr. Matt is that he really takes the time to listen to what's going on and come up with a tailored program focused on long-term, whole body improvements. I can't recommend him enough.


Chiropractic care is a wonderful thing to do for your health and well-being, not just as a treatment after an injury. It is great preventative medicine and Dr. Karen is a magician! My whole family has been going to her for years and years!

– B.S. Ashburn, VA

I've had plenty of back issues through the years and chiropractic has helped me get through some painful times and helped to improve my back and my mobility for the long term. I am grateful for Dr. Benton and her expertise!

– K.B. Ashburn, Virginia

I was aware of Chirporactic care but never really needed it until I had a traumatic ski accident in March of 1997. Under Dr. McMinn's care, I began to see relief from my pain in days after my adjustments. Dr. McMinn basically saved my life and I thank him. Chiropractic care is the only care I would recommend to anyone. I have gained a great education on the importance of nerves, muscles, and joints and how they affect every aspect of your body. I am a true believer!

– R.R. Leesburg, Virginia

Dr Alex and his caring, supportive staff covered every aspect of my care and healing - from the initial exam and a customized treatment plan to dealing with insurance, referrals and disability claims. Not only were my physical symptoms treated but the entire staff made each visit pleasant and relaxing. The positive, friendly environment had a huge impact on keeping my spirits high and my treatment plan on track. I am grateful to Dr Alex and his staff for keeping me out of surgery and getting me back to normal activities. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to others!

– C.C.

The front office is warm, friendly and helpful. Dr. Alex has been extremely patient with my progress and optimistic, which gives me hope. He is a well-trained professional and caring health practitioner.

– A.M. Ashburn, Virginia

If you need a chiropractor, Dr. McMinn is a great choice. And the best part is, he is not about just taking your money. He listens carefully, takes the time to answer all questions, and really cares about making you feel better. Thank you for helping me back to a good life Dr. McMinn!

– E.P. Falls Church, Virginia

My experience here has been absolutely wonderful. Our whole family comes here. Doctor Alex has worked many wonders in our family. We are extremely happy with the services and have had many miracles. I highly recommend this office for its chiropractic care, especially since it includes all the joints.

– K.S.

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