Sports Injury Treatment In Ashburn, VA

Whether it’s your child playing neighborhood flag football after school or you, the weekend warrior giving it your all, a sports injury is just a part of the life of the amateur athlete.

At Potomac Family & Sports Chiropractic Center in Ashburn, we encourage your athletic lifestyle regardless of your age or physical condition, but we can help you make your pursuit of fun safer, more productive and free of serious lasting pain.

Here’s how.

Sports Injuries

Injury Prevention

It’s no wonder that weekend athletes pull up injured so frequently. If your job is mostly sedentary, the sudden switch to an activity that might involve sudden starts and stops, running full out, jumping, twisting, and perhaps even colliding with other bodies can play havoc with your musculoskeletal system. That’s why you or your loved one should check in with one of our chiropractors before increasing your workout routine or heading out to the fields of play.  

Your chiropractor can give you the hands-on manual adjustment “tune-up” your spine and associated bones, muscles, and connective tissues need for optimal function. When your spinal system is in full alignment, your body is less stressed and you’re better prepared to give it your all.

The chiropractic staff at Potomac Family & Sports can also recommend exercises that will help keep you strong as you compete against yourself or others.

Advanced Sports Injury Treatment

No matter how well you safeguard against injury, it can still occur. When it does, trust your chiropractor at Potomac Family & Sports Chiropractic Center with a course of treatment that will get you or your loved one back in the game as soon as possible.

Sports injury services at Potomac Family & Sports range from therapeutic massage to alleviate the common pains and soreness of competition, to state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures for more serious injuries.

This includes advanced laser therapy to decrease swelling, increase circulation, reduce pain and boost tissue repair. Our laser therapy treatments can help your body restore itself to full function.

All of our chiropractic treatments are non-invasive and drug-free.

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Keep working out and stay on the playing field for your good health. We’ll help you to proactively ward off the risk of sports injury and get you back on your feet sooner if the game or workout does get the best of you.

Contact the skilled chiropractic team at Potomac Family & Sports. Call us at (703) 406-8686 to schedule an appointment before you lace-up running shoes. Or take advantage of the convenience of using our online appointment request form.

You’ll find eager to serve your sports needs at 20116 Ashbrook Place, Suite 140 in Ashburn, Virginia.

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