Sports Rehabilitation In Ashburn, VA

Have You Been Injured while Playing Your Favorite Sport?  

Potomac Family & Sports is here for you if you have been injured while playing the sport you love. We understand the ins and outs of sports injuries and how to effectively treat them with chiropractic care and sports rehabilitation. We serve Ashburn and the surrounding areas with quality whole body, whole person care. Many people do not realize exactly how much a skilled chiropractor can help someone heal after an injury until they come in for rehabilitation with us. They leave with a whole new perspective. 


Sports Rehab Can Help You Improve Your Performance Even after a Minor Injury

If you have had an injury on the field that left you aching, or a pain that chronically reoccurs with certain motion, then we can help reduce the discomfort you’re feeling. We may even be able to improve your skill in your sport by helping you build strength and flexibility in an area that once caused you issues.

Reducing chronic pain flare-ups after a game or practice session is often as simple as addressing the posture and position the player is in and using physical therapy and spinal alignment to train the body to play in a way that causes less harm to itself and is often more effective. 

We Can Turn Your Serious Sports Injury into a Starting Point for True Health

If you have been seriously injured we can help you rebuild strength in weakened areas of your body, rehabilitate your range of motion, and even realign your spine. A large jolting injury often forces your spine out of alignment leading to other health issues that you would never realize were connected. True health is the main goal when it comes to medical care with our chiropractor. This means that we don't hide your symptoms behind temporary fixes and send you home to suffer. We address the cause, and heal you from there so that all of your body systems can properly communicate and you can truly be as healthy and as happy as possible. 

Contact Us for Sports Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Care in Ashburn 

Call us at Potomac Family & Sports to find out why we have the edge on sports rehabilitation. We serve Ashburn and the surrounding areas with whole body health services for total recovery and true health. Call today to schedule an appointment and to learn more, (703) 406-8686.

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