Robert Brown

Robert Brown
Massage Therapist

Robert has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2011. In that time, he has managed to acquire a very impressive resume.

Most of his career he has been treating professional and high-level elite college athletes
In addition to now being here with us at Potornac Family Sports and Chiropractic, he currently treats the Georgetown University track team.

Robert was also the full-time massage therapist for the Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals Hockey team from 2015.2017.

His duties consisted of assessing and treating the many ongoing injuries that professional hockey players face with his very specialized training in therapeutic, sports massage and pain management.

He's a. had a successful personal training business in addition to a Massage therapy practice prior to joining the Washington Capitals.

Robert is certified in the Graston technique, (ART, active release technique, Chinese cupping, and Theragun provider.
In his personal time, he enjoys training and competing in Brazilian Riu litsu tournaments as well as spending time with his family.

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