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Common Knee Injuries that can be treated by a Chiropractor

Common Knee Injuries That Can Be Treated By a Chiropractor

Your knees are very important in movement overall. Knees are a complex part of the human body that end up taking a lot of stress throughout your life. While it is more common to have knee issues as people age, Potomac Family & Sports in Ashburn wants you to know that a person at any age can fall victim to common knee injuries.

Common Possible Knee Injuries & Muscle Pain

Many activities can result in a knee injury. Below are some common reasons for knee pain and injuries.

Sports-Related Injuries: Many sports-related injuries can end up taking a toll on your knees, some of which can be helped with chiropractic care. Typically, ligament injuries in the knees occur from sports, from the knee overexerting itself or moving in a way that it typically wouldn't move. Meniscus tears and tendon tears are also other common sports-related knee injuries.

Household Activity Injuries: Many common knee injuries also occur from doing activities in your daily life. Performing yard work or gardening can often take a toll on the knees. When doing yard work, especially gardening, people kneel on their knees or have to get into a low squat position to perform the necessary tasks. This can be harsh and take a toll on the knee joints. It is also possible to fall or injure yourself while performing these tasks, which can result in a fractured or dislocated knee.

Knee Injuries That Can Be Treated With Chiropractic Care

The staff at Potomac Family & Sports Chiropractic Center in Ashburn focuses on helping sports-related injuries such as knee issues. Not only do we focus on reducing the pain related to the injury, but we also make sure that the injury does not persist or return in the future.

Treat Your Knee Injury in Ashburn

If you have a knee injury that needs aid, contact the professionals at Potomac Family & Sports Chiropractic Center. Call us at 703-406-8686 or request an appointment online.

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