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Most Common winter sports injuries

What are the Most Common Winter Sports Injuries?

Winter offers wonderful opportunities to be active by participating in winter sports. However, many people each year are injured engaging in their favorite winter sports. You can visit a chiropractor to help prevent injuries or treat existing ones. If you live in Ashburn, Potomac Family and Sports can help keep you and your family healthy this winter.

ACL Tears

The anterior cruciate ligament, also known as ACL, is a ligament in your knee that is susceptible to injury. Falls when skiing or snowboarding can cause ACL tears. It's seen commonly in hockey as well. It can occur during collisions with other players, the wall, or falling onto the ice.


Concussions occur when your head hits something hard enough to cause trauma to the brain. Concussions are often minor and will resolve on their own, but they should always be checked by a professional. Serious concussions can result in brain hemorrhaging and brain damage. Concussions often occur in hockey, when the head contacts another person or the ice. They are frequent in sledding as well. Sledding and crashing into a tree, car, etc. can cause a concussion if your head hits the object or the ground hard.

Snowboarders Ankle

Snowboarders are prone to fracturing the outside bone of their ankle, called the Talus. This is usually caused by high energy sprain. While it is possible to get this injury in other ways, it's much more commonly seen in snowboarding.

Skiers Thumb

Skiers thumb accounts for 10% of all skiing injuries. The pole catches in the snow and puts force on the thumb, pulling it in an unnatural direction. Putting your hands in the pole loops can increase the chances of skiers thumb. Normally, it sprains the ulnar collateral ligament, but in extreme cases, rupture can occur.


It's a great idea to visit Potomoc Family and Sports before you engage in winter sports in Ashburn. A chiropractor can make sure your body is in optimum condition beforehand, and advise you of needed safety measures. If you experience winter sports injuries, chiropractic treatment can offer pain relief and speed the healing process. You can call us at 703-406-8686 to schedule an appointment today!

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