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Athletes are at particular risk for back injury and wear and tear.

Proper spinal function is essential for peak performance at work or play.

Many sports related injuries affect the spine, proper biomechanics and nerve inervation of all joints.

Potomac Family & Sports Chiropractic Center has worked with a wide variety of athletes with vastly different needs. From T-Ball players to professionals; from weekend warriors to competitive athletes - Chiropractic can benefit each individual.

Every athlete has an optimal physical and mental level that is attainable. Through Chiropractic Care, specific types of exercise and proper nutrition, Dr. McMinn can help the athlete achieve his or her optimal performance level.

Benefits of Sports Chiropractic
  • therapy for sports injuries
  • rehabilitation
  • athletic enhancement
  • injury prevention
  • increased training efficiency
  • increased muscletone
  • increased response time (reflexes)

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